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Teeth-in-A-day: a new smile in one visit!

Same-day dental implant treatment so that you never stop smiling!


3 to 6 months; multiple appointments are required before the day of the actual treatment and then follow-up appointments afterward are also necessary


We will chat to you about your payment options at your initial consultation.

Treatment summary

  • Book a free initial consultation with our Treatment Co-ordinator Emma to find out if same-day implants are right for you, followed by an Implant consultation with Dr Aslam which will include a CBCT scan in the practice
  • Visit us multiple times so that the implant dentists can carefully plan your treatment
  • Have your implant surgery and receive the temporary dental bridge all on one day
  • Return several months later to receive your permanent dental bridge

Book your free consultation today!

It costs you nothing to just meet us and chat, and there’s no obligation to pursue treatment if you decide it’s not right for you.

The concept of ‘Teeth In A Day‘

Same day teeth is a revolutionary and life-changing dental implant technique that allows patients to leave with a full set of new teeth the same day as their surgery!

    In the morning your implants will be surgically placed by your implantologists. Then, after a few hours of rest, your initial temporary  bridge, constructed by the on-site dental technician, will be fixed on top of the dental implants, allowing you to return home from Parkfield Dental with a complete and gleaming smile. After 3-6 months of healing, you’ll then be ready to receive your permanent bridge!

    The same day teeth method is a modern dental implant technique that was developed to minimise the number of implants necessary for the restoration of an entire arch of teeth (upper or lower jaw). Same day teeth is sometimes known as All-on-4 or All-on-6, which refers to the number of implants required to restore a jaw. Whereas traditional methods can require up to 10 implants, same day teeth achieves the same full restoration with 4-6 implants.

    This means that a same day teeth treatment is generally more cost-effective and less invasive than traditional methods. For anyone needing to replace loose, decayed, missing or failing teeth with a full set of implants in one day, same day teeth is the go-to solution! It’s long-lasting and enables quick and efficient treatment, with your temporary bridge being fitted on the very same day as your surgery.

    Depending on your particular needs and circumstances, you’ll either need the All-on-4 set of four implants, or the All-on-6 set of six implants when you choose same day teeth with Parkfield Dental. You may also hear this treatment referred to as teeth in a day or full-mouth dental implants.

    Why Same Day Teeth?

    The same day teeth treatment is generally more cost-effective and less invasive than traditional methods

    For anyone needing to replace loose, decayed, missing or failing teeth with a full set of implants in one day, same day teeth is the go-to solution! It’s long-lasting and enables quick and efficient treatment, with your temporary bridge being fitted on the very same day as your surgery.

    Depending on your particular needs and circumstances, you’ll either need the All-on-4 set of four implants, or the All-on-6 set of six implants when you choose same day teeth with Parkfield Dental. You may also hear this treatment referred to as teeth in a day or full-mouth dental implants.

    The Parkfield Dental same-day teeth process

    Same day teeth treatment is a specialist technique, performed by our expert, experienced, and highly-trained implantologists here at Parkfield. Our professional implant surgeons will help to support and guide you throughout the entire process. First, they’ll need to see you for an initial consultation before the treatment starts. It’s important to talk about alternatives and to check that the same day teeth procedure is the treatment suitable for you. Most adults suffering from missing or loose teeth can undergo the same day teeth treatment, but it’s still important for our implant experts to thoroughly assess you first.

    This is also a chance for us to discuss costs and payment plans with you before the treatment begins. While same day teeth is known for being a cost-effective implant technique, we understand that it’s important to make sure you can prepare and plan for your treatment and the costs involved.

    Your dentist will also work closely with you in order to understand precisely how you want your new smile to look. From the shape and size of your teeth, we’ll discuss with you and take your input when planning your smile in a day procedure. Our goal is to leave you with a smile that you’re confident and proud of!

    After your initial consultation, you’ll need a few follow-up appointments before the procedure itself. One of these will involve taking a full CT scan of the jaws so that we can create your individual and digital diagnostic treatment plan. This also gives you the opportunity to talk to your dentist about the procedure, preparation, and aftercare. We have a friendly and supportive team here at Parkfield Dental, so any questions are always welcome!

    For your scan, we use a CT scanner in order to produce a 3-D image of your teeth and mouth’s structure. This allows us to get a thorough and detailed look at your blood vessels, nerves and bone structure in preparation for the procedure. CT scans are very accurate and give us a much more comprehensive picture than an ordinary X-ray. Your scan is used to identify the best locations for us to surgically place secure and stable dental implants.

    Once you are happy with your treatment plan and we’ve confirmed your suitability, we’ll go ahead and book you in for your same day teeth procedure. Whether you’re going down the All-on-4 or All-on-6 route, on the day of the procedure your implantologists will remove your own failing teeth and replace them with the dental implants.

    After that, the on-site dental technician will be make your custom made temporary bridge while you rest after the surgery. Once the temporary bridge has been made the team will fit and secure the temporary bridge over the dental implants. It’s important for you to get a bit of rest after the general anaesthetic. This bridge isn’t intended to last long-term but will allow your gums to heal before you receive your permanent bridge later.

    Once your temporary bridge has been fitted, you’re free to go home the very same day with a fully functioning new set of teeth! They look so much like natural teeth that it’s not likely that anyone will notice that your teeth are replacements.

    After a 3-6 month healing period, you’ll be ready to receive your permanent bridge! Just like natural teeth, your implants will require proper hygiene and care for them to last as long as possible. We will develop a plan for you to visit our dental hygienists on a regular basis to ensure this.

    Same day teeth implants are also known to reduce bone loss and shrinkage – a fantastic long term cosmetic benefit. Implanted straight into your jaw bone, they actually work to support your jaw structure. They function very close to regular teeth, and you’ll be able to comfortably eat and speak in the long term with your new replacement teeth.

    Why a temporary bridge?

    There are two reasons why you should have a temporary bridge:

    Allow for the healing stage

    Once the implants have been placed your gums require healing which could take 3 to 6 months. This process leads to your gums shrinking. If we put a permanent bridge in straight away you would be left with large gaps underneath after the healing stage.

    To allow for the best cosmetics and comfort

    That’s another reason why we place temporary bridges so we can test out the bite and cosmetics before we go ahead and make the final bridge. Lots of time is spent understanding all your objectives to achieve your beautiful smile and optimum function early on in the process. The temporary bridge can then be adjusted as many times as we like so we know when we are ready to replace it with your permanent bridge it will be perfect!

    How long will I need to wear my temporary bridge?

    All good things come to those who wait. After your first appointment, you will need multiple appointments. On average the number of appointments can range from 10-15. It can take up to 4 months on your lower teeth and 8 on your upper teeth.

    Why Choose "Teeth In a Day In Didsbury?"

    • Parkfield Dental Practice is a highly reputable practice in the dental community for implant dentistry.
    • Highly trained and experienced implantologists.
    • We offer payment plans making treatment affordable.
    • Initial assessment.
    • Friendly and trustworthy dental team.
    • We care and deliver our services with a personal touch.
    • Our hospitality is just as important as our clinical excellence.
    • Sedation is available.
    • We operate in a relaxed environment.
    • Great aftercare service for you and your family.


    The aftercare of the treatment is a very important stage. It is important that you attend a check-up/assessment to ensure that your new teeth and implants are taking well to their new setting and if there are any minor modifications that need to be made to accommodate any healing changes in your mouth.

    Before & after: teeth-in-a-day treatment

    Before After
    Really happy with treatment and would recommend.

    Karen Kirkby

    Frequently asked questions about same-day dental implants

    • Is there anything I should avoid after my same day teeth dental implants?

      We always advise you to not eat anything until the local anaesthetic has worn off. After the anaesthetic has worn off, try to avoid food and drinks that are either very hot or very cold for at least one day.

      Try not to disturb the area around your implants with either your tongue or fingers and avoid any strenuous physical activity for two days after your surgery. Your implants will still be healing at this time, so it’s best not to disturb it.

    • Will my implants hurt after surgery?

      Fortunately, excessive pain is rarely an issue after dental implant surgery. You may be sore in and around your mouth where the dental implant was placed for a few days afterwards. However, this soreness can usually be easily dealt with by taking ordinary over-the-counter painkillers. We tend to recommend taking these at the maximum dose for a few days until the soreness subsides.

    • Will there be any bruising or swelling?

      There may be some amount of swelling or bruising after your same day teeth surgery. This is common and is nothing to worry about – it will usually be at its worst around two or three days after surgery and will subside after a few days.

      If the swelling and bruising is bothering you, consider using an ice pack wrapped in a towel to soothe the ache. Some people say that sleeping propped up on a few pillows can also help to ease the pain.

    • How should I keep my dental implants clean after surgery?

      It’s important for you to look after your dental implants just as much as you would look after your natural teeth. For your dental implants to last as long as possible, you should keep your mouth as clean and healthy as possible. However, try to avoid brushing around your implants for a few days after surgery. Your soreness will begin to go away after a few days – this is when you should start gently cleaning around your dental implants.

      For an excellent cleanse, consider washing your mouth out with hot salt. A cup of hot water with an added teaspoon of salt will help your implant to heal. However, make sure the water isn’t hot enough to scald you, and hold the liquid in your mouth around the implant for as long as possible.

    • Am i suitable for the same day teeth treatment?

      Fortunately, most adults who suffer from missing teeth, several missing teeth, or missing all their teeth are suitable for the same day teeth procedure. If you have decayed or failing teeth, these can be removed and replaced as part of the treatment. There are some situations that can complicate the matter, for instance if you suffer from gum disease or a condition that increases your likelihood of infection after surgery, if you are a heavy smoker, or if you have recently received radiotherapy on your jaw.

      As part of the same day teeth treatment, you’ll receive full consultation and a CT scan so that we can assess your suitability and plan ahead for the procedure. It’s also worth noting that we don’t perform dental implants on patients under the age of 18. This is because children are still growing, and implanting into a growing jaw bone is inadvisable.

    • Am I too old for same day teeth?

      We don’t perform any kind of dental implant, including the same day teeth procedure, on anyone under the age of 18. However, older age is not a factor when it comes to the chances of success for the same treatment. In fact, bone healing occurs in older age – from 50 and above – with a very similar success rate as in younger patients. This means that you can benefit from a full bridge as well! However, the only thing that can prevent an older patient from being suitable for same day teeth is their general medical health. Our expert implantologists will help to discuss this with you at your initial consultation.

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