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Ranges from a single visit to several months of multiple appointments, depending on your treatment plan


Varies with treatment plan; zero-interest financing available

Treatment summary

  • Initial cosmetic assessment for our smile make-overs
  • Bespoke treatment plan
  • Advanced dentistry treatment with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Spread your payment over 6-12 months with anything over the cost of £600
  • Experienced dental team in a genuine warm and friendly atmosphere
  • Choose from teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign®, crowns and more

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What Is A Smile Make-Over?

Essentially, a smile make-over is your bespoke dental treatment aimed at improving the appearance of your smile.

    Your treatment is unique to your current dental health and implements any from a range of different cosmetic and general dentistry techniques to find the perfect solution for you.

    Let’s face it: most of us aren’t born with a perfect smile. The vast majority of us would choose to alter some small thing about our smile given the choice. Whether it’s slightly gapped or crooked teeth, discolouration, an uneven smile, or anything else – most people would love to have a more perfect and beautiful smile if we could. The fact is that no one is more aware of our imperfections than we are ourselves.

    Everybody’s smile is different and unique. That’s why when you come to Parkfield Dental for a smile make-over, the first thing we’ll do is sit down and have a look at your teeth. We’ll give you an initial consultation before planning your treatment.

    The entire point of the smile make-over is to give you precisely what you need. We want to do away with the idea of ‘one size fits all’, because it’s simply not true when it comes to your smile. A smile make-over is designed to use and draw from a range of cosmetic dentistry practices – basically using whatever is needed to take your smile from where it is when you come to us, to where you want it to be.

    We aim to deliver you a personalised treatment aimed at finding your most beautiful smile. The perfect gleaming smile doesn’t always come easily, but we aim for all our treatments to give you minimal discomfort while getting maximum results.The cosmetic dentistry techniques that might be used include:

    The smile design process and your treatment journey

    Here is the process we use to help you reach your smile goals:

    Book a free smile makeover consultation

    The first step is to meet with Emma, our treatment co-ordinator. She will help you explore your smile makeover treatment options and answer any questions you may have. The treatment co-ordinator will explain what you can expect during treatment and help you determine which services may be best for you. She will also provide you with a rough estimate of the cost of your care.

    Have a comprehensive dental health evaluation

    If you are ready to embark on a smile makeover treatment journey, we will need to start by assessing your oral health, which is the foundation of any beautiful smile. You will meet with the dentist during your next appointment and we will take various X-rays, photographs and scans of your smile.

    Review your treatment plan

    Next, your dentist will review the findings of your comprehensive dental examination and explain which treatments are best-suited to helping you achieve your unique smile goals. We will create a detailed treatment plan and show you the cost and time breakdown. If the plan suits you, we will schedule your first treatment appointment.

    Begin your smile design journey

    Your smile makeover may take just one appointment if you need very minimal treatment. Teeth whitening and composite bonding, for example, are treatments that can be administered in a single visit. If you need more advanced treatment like dental veneers, however, then we will need to schedule multiple appointments for you. Most smile makeovers can be completed from start to finish within a matter of weeks.

    Follow up on your progress

    Our care doesn’t stop at the door! We will want to stay in touch with you to make sure that you are comfortable after your treatment and elated by the results. We may need to schedule the occasional follow-up or maintenance visit to help you maintain the results of your smile makeover. You can contact us easily through a convenient and secure WhatsApp message any time you have a question about your care.

    I'm always treated superbly well from the moment I walk through the door

    Tony McAlinden

    Smile makeover treatments

    Your smile makeover can include any combination of several popular cosmetic dental treatments such as:

    • Orthodontic treatment like Invisalign® or Six Month Smiles®
    • Re-contouring teeth and/or gum tissue
    • Professional teeth whitening
    • Dental crowns and bridges
    • Composite bonding
    • Porcelain veneers

    Speak directly with your Parkfield Dental dentist to find out which treatments you need to create your ideal smile. During your free initial consultation, we will advise you on which treatments will help you achieve your goals while staying within your budget. Our team here at Parkfield Dental are happy to answer your questions and address any concerns or hesitations you may have about treatments in your smile makeover treatment plan.

    Meet Dr Arfeen Aslam BDS London

    Your smile is your ability to feel confident emotionally and it is specific to your personality and character and should be designed to fit each individuals face.

    I believe that creating a beautiful smile should be tailored to each specific individual and I hope to help each of my patients achieve their desired smile.

    From early on in my dental career, I knew my driving passion and enjoyment came from creating beautiful smiles.

    I have been fortunate enough to spend a vast amount of time learning from some of the most recognised cosmetic dentists both nationally and internationally to help build my understanding of what it takes to create smiles which are natural, healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

    My commitment and passion for aesthetic dentistry allow me to use a multidisciplinary approach to help create a bespoke smile for each individual. I am committed to working with the best materials and using the finest laboratories to help achieve the very best results.

    Using a variety of techniques including Invisalign to help straighten crooked teeth or dental implants to help replace missing or lost teeth, I am confident that we are able to help create a smile that you will be happy with and proud to show off.

    You're never fully dressed without a smile.

    We love giving our clients their smile back…

    There’s little that gives the team here at Parkfield Dental more satisfaction than being able to give our patients the perfect smile that they’ve always dreamed of.

    When a patient leaves our care having received a treatment that’s given them a beautiful and long-lasting smile, we can feel like we’ve achieved something special. View the gallery here to see a recent full mouth rehabilitation that we have completed for one of our delighted clients.

    We know how important your smile is to your confidence, and feeling like your smile fully represents your personality can have a huge effect on your self-esteem, mood, and mentality. Nobody wants to feel like they have to hide their smile from the world. That’s one of the reasons that we specialise in delivering excellent and high-quality smile make-overs here at Parkfield Dental. We want everyone to be able to experience their perfect smile. But what exactly is a smile make-over, and why should you consider having the treatment?

    Which Treatments Will Your Smile Make-Over Include?

    No two smiles are the same. Because of that, no two smile make-overs are the same either.

    We’ll only use the treatments that we think are right for you – no more and no less. We consult you throughout the process and will discuss with you which treatments we think are right for you – so you’ll be able to approve everything we do and you’ll never be surprised.

    Straighter Teeth

    Do you have crooked teeth? If that’s the case then your smile make-over might utilise an orthodontic solution to help you straighten your teeth for a more beautiful smile. We might recommend either Invisalign or Six Month Smile – both excellent choices for correcting crooked teeth.

    Six Month Smiles is a specialised fixed brace system which is designed unique to your teeth, guaranteed to achieve excellent and quick results. Invisalign, on the other hand, is a more discreet option – it uses clear aligners to straighten and transform your smile while remaining almost entirely invisible.

    Whiter Teeth

    If your teeth are discoloured, there are a couple of different options available to you. Perhaps dental veneers would be right for you – these are wafer-thin shells made from porcelain that are bonded to your teeth. They can simultaneously improve your teeth’s colour and help them appear straighter and more aligned – they’re very popular among TV and movie personalities!

    Alternatively, our tooth whitening kits are a fantastic way to guarantee a brighter and whiter smile – all from the comfort of your own home!

    A Complete Smile

    If you’re missing teeth, your smile make-over plan will very likely include dental implants or a bridge. Parkfield Dental is a dental implant centre based in Didsbury, and we’re perfectly placed to give you high quality and long-lasting dental implant treatment. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or several teeth, we have specialists in-house who can help to complete your smile.

    These dental bridges and implants help to preserve your jaw and facial structure while looking and feeling just like natural teeth. They require the same hygiene and maintenance as normal teeth and they’re perfect for regaining your confidence! Dental implants are bridges are a fantastic way of giving you more confidence in your beautiful smile.

    The Smile You Deserve

    We also offer composite bonding and tooth coloured fillings as part of your smile make-over treatment. If we detect any restorative work to be completed during your initial consultation, we’ll recommend this work as part of your smile make-over plan. We have designed the smile make-over to be a comprehensive treatment that achieves everything you need to feel confident and comfortable with your smile.

    Dental crowns are a restorative procedure we also offer. Dental crowns are fantastic for improving the appearance of your teeth while serving as a hard-wearing and long-lasting cosmetic procedure. Cared for properly, dental crowns can last for years! We may also recommend some standard dental hygiene work as part of the smile make-over treatment plan. Our dedicated dental hygienists here in Didsbury can assess your teeth and perform stain removal and prevent and treat any gum disease that you may be suffering from. Many people require dental hygiene treatment and a short consultation can often identify any work that needs to be done!

    What Are Some Popular Smile Makeover Treatments?

    There are a number of popular cosmetic dentistry treatments that may form part of your combined smile makeover procedure.

    These may include:

    The best way forward is to speak directly to your dentist, who will be able to give you a consultation and advise on what treatments will be more beneficial to you with your smile makeover. The team here at Parkfield Dental are more than happy to talk to you about your thoughts, fears or concerns regarding what will be best for you during your smile makeover.

    How Many Treatments Can I Include into a Smile Makeover?

    There isn’t a limit to how many treatments you can include in your smile makeover plan.

    For many patients, just one or two different combined treatments is enough to obtain their desired results. For others, more extensive work and almost the full day of time is required. Your dentist is in the best position to advise you on what is required and what can be implemented to achieve your aesthetic wishes. They may advise you to have certain treatments before others, or in a specific order to obtain the best results.

    Can a Smile Makeover Improve My Bite?

    Misaligned or missing teeth can change your chewing pattern and/or the way you bite down on your food.

    Our smile makeover is focused mainly on the visible appearance of your teeth and mouth. But that doesn’t mean to say that there are no physical benefits to having a smile makeover. Replacing damaged or broken teeth can allow you to regain or maintain your natural jaw movement and establish a comfortable bite pattern. This will allow you to chew your food as you always would and without discomfort.

    Does a Smile Makeover Include Both Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry?

    Cosmetic dentistry focuses primarily on the size, shape, alignment, and position of your teeth and gums.

    This is more motivated by aesthetics and ensuring your smile looks beautiful and you feel confident. In comparison, restorative dental procedures focus more on repairing and replacing damaged teeth and adjusting functionality. This is more motivated by the desire to fix broken or misaligned teeth.

    Cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

    • restoration of chipped, damaged or missing teeth
    • resin or porcelain inlays
    • removal of stained fracture lines
    • resin or porcelain inlays
    • tooth-coloured fillings
    • dental veneers or implants
    • recontouring of the teeth.
    • tooth whitening
    • orthodontic treatments like Invisalign

    Restorative dentistry treatments include:

    • implant placements or restorations
    • dental crowns
    • inlays and onlays
    • dentures

    Restorative procedures usually require more time and effort, so they are not usually executed as part of a smile makeover. However, you should talk to your dentist first as sometimes a smile makeover can contain elements from both sides.

    Can Teenagers Have Smile Makeovers?

    Almost anyone can have a smile makeover, depending on the treatments they wish to include as part of their plan.

    Teenagers are becoming more and more aware of how they look in the modern world and they care more about their self-image than any other era of teenager the world has ever seen. Social media has a massive part to play in this, as teenagers conduct almost their whole lives online.

    Professional dentists recommend waiting until the age of 14 or 15 at the very youngest before considering cosmetic dentistry for teenagers. By this time, most teenagers will have finished whatever course of dental treatment their general dentist may have given them – for example, braces. Some parts of smile makeover treatment will be suitable for teenagers, while others will not be, so you should discuss your thoughts and questions with your dentist to find out the right course of action for you or your child.

    Can I Whiten My Teeth After a Smile Makeover?

    Whether or not you will be able to use over-the-counter tooth whitening products following on from a smile makeover will depend largely on the treatments you have done.

    If you have composite veneers or some form of composite bonding done, you should not be tempted to try a home-based tooth whitening kit. The resin material will not respond well to this amateur treatment.

    If your veneers are starting to look dirty (yellow or brown) over time, then you should speak to your dentist. They may be able to conduct a professional clean to help remove those stains. If this is not possible, your dentist may recommend that you have your veneers replaced. Ultimately, you should avoid using shop-bought tooth whitening products and instead leave this task to your professional dentist.

    Frequently asked questions about smile makeovers

    • What exactly is a smile make-over?

      Your smile is one of your defining features. Unfortunately, it’s also something that a lot of us feel self conscious or embarrassed about. In fact, research done by the UK Dental Tribune shows that nearly 87 per cent of people under 35 have been made to feel self conscious about their smile. That’s exactly what Parkfield Dental’s amazing smile make-over treatment is all about.

      Whether it’s smiling when having a photo taken, making a first impression at a job interview, or meeting strangers for a date, our smile is a big part of our appearance and how we feel about ourselves. With perfect teeth and smiles in celebrities, film and TV all playing a part in how we feel about our own smile, it’s easy to see why so many people would choose to improve their smile given the chance.

      The Parkfield Dental smile make-over is all about delivering a unique and bespoke package of cosmetic dental treatments designed to suit you. A smile makeover is a dental and cosmetic treatment that can improve the colour, condition and shape of your teeth through a range of different dentistry techniques. Whether your smile could benefit from teeth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers, white fillings, better oral health or anything else, the cosmetic dentists here at Parkfield will work with you to deliver the kind of dentistry that makes you proud of your own smile.

    • How does the smile make-over treatment work?

      We like to think of the smile make-over as a collaborative dental treatment in which we work closely alongside you to understand your needs and wants and to come together to decide which cosmetic and general dental practices are right for you. As such, we always begin with an initial examination in which you can discuss your concerns with one of our cosmetic dentists and have an evaluation of your smile and dental condition performed.

      After this initial assessment, you’ll have a better idea of what dental work is appropriate for giving you the kind of beautiful smile you’ll be proud of. We’ll discuss any proposed treatments with you and you’ll be able to decide whether to proceed with your smile makeover. Certain procedures are appropriate for different patients, so your proposed smile make-over will be unique and designed around giving you a more full smile.

      Once you have agreed upon the proposed treatment plan, we’ll set to work building your dream smile. There’s no reason not to at least have an initial assessment and examination performed, even if you choose to not immediately go through with the cosmetic dentistry we suggest. You’ll at least have a better idea about what the team here at Parkfield can do for your smile.

    • Are there different types of smile make-overs available?

      Every smile makeover is a little different, which is why you won’t initially choose from any ‘type’ of smile makeover. We don’t apply a one size fits all approach here at Parkfield Dental. Rather, we work with you to understand your needs as a patient and to put forward a proposed treatment plan that’s perfect for you and your ideal smile.

      Some of the cosmetic dentistry we perform regularly as part of a smile make-over includes:

      • Tooth whitening to brighten and whiten stained or discoloured teeth. This is very common – many people suffer from some level of discolouration and would benefit from whiter teeth.
      • Invisalign and other orthodontic treatments to straighten crooked and uneven teeth. Straight and even teeth structure is a big part of achieving the perfect smile.
      • Dental veneers to repair and protect broken or damaged teeth. Veneers are a great way of improving both the colouration and shape of your teeth with one procedure.
      • Dental crowns to restore damaged, chipped or broken teeth. Crowns are a popular and highly effective procedure.
      • Dental implants and dental bridges in order to replace missing teeth. Implantology is a technique that has evolved a lot over the years. Fortunately, the team here at Parkfield includes highly trained implant technique experts adept with all the relevant dental technologies.

      Your smile make-over treatment could consist of any combination of these general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, alongside dental and oral hygiene. To find out more, simply get in touch with the team here at Parkfield Dental and book your initial assessment today.

    • How much does a smile make-over cost?

      Because smile make-overs are a patient-specific and unique treatment, each treatment plan is slightly different. The appeal and benefit of the treatment is that it includes an individual assessment of the condition of your smile and your teeth with one of our expert resident dentists working alongside you to design the perfect treatment to achieve your dream smile.

      As such, the costs involved with a Parkfield Dental smile make-over treatment vary from patient to patient. It all depends on your specific treatment plan and the dental and cosmetic dentistry procedures proposed as part of it. Depending on your own dental and medical condition, prices can also vary. Essentially, our resident smile make-over dentist Dr Arfeen Aslam will answer all of your questions about cost during your examination. We also have a range of different payment options available too, which will be discussed as part of your treatment.

    • Does having a smile make-over hurt?

      Here at Parkfield Dental, we understand how difficult some people find coming to the dentist. Fortunately, we always go the extra mile in terms of making sure that our practice is warm, welcoming, inviting, and friendly! The truth is that going to the dentist is rarely as bad as it may seem, but we are very understanding and incredibly well-equipped here at Parkfield to help make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

      No matter what treatments you undergo as part of your smile make-over, our very understanding dentists will discuss with you any potential discomfort you may feel. All treatments bring different sensations with them. Some treatments are entirely pain free and can be performed with complete sensitivity to your needs and concerns. For some procedures, local anaesthetic will be applied in order to numb your tooth and gum for a painless and stress free experience.

      Regardless of what your specific smile make-over treatment plan includes, we will work with you to understand your concerns and to help make your experience here at Parkfield as easy and enjoyable as possible!

    • How long does a smile makeover take?

      There’s no fixed duration for a smile makeover. It will depend on your personal circumstances, which problems you want to have treated, and how long each of those takes. Some treatments may depend on others being completed first. If you need a quick boost then some of our treatments are fast and can show results very soon, but others are a slower correction that gives a long-term benefit.

      If you need a confidence boost quickly, then tooth whitening might be a good place to start. But get in touch to book a consultation and we can talk through the range of options with you.

    • Are there any conditions that can’t be fixed?

      The great thing about a smile makeover is that, because it’s so flexible and tailored to your own needs, there are very few (if any) conditions that we can’t offer some form of improvement to. You may not get your dream smile if you’ve got extreme dental issues, but we can certainly restore them to a much better smile that will make you a lot more confident.

      The only thing to consider is that, if your dental hygiene has been poor, we might not be able to correct your smile with a makeover until we’ve carried out other treatments to either resolve decay or clear out an infection. Once this is done, our expert team can definitely help you find a winning smile.

    • Is a smile makeover bad for my dental health?

      Some people worry that some elements of a smile makeover – in particular teeth whitening – can actually be harmful to your dental health. There are a lot of rumours and misconceptions about whitening in general, and how it can remove the enamel that protects your teeth.

      We can assure you that your health will always come first even with a cosmetic treatment, and we would never offer a treatment plan that could be detrimental to the long-term quality of your teeth. Our whitening solutions are powerful and effective but, when used correctly, won’t cause any damage to the enamel of your teeth. So you don’t need to worry about a smile makeover being bad for you.

    • How long does a smile makeover last?

      Again, this will depend on the treatment you opt for, but most elements of a smile makeover are either permanent or at the very least long-term. Any fundamental corrections including orthodontics, veneers or implants will last you many years and, if looked after correctly, could be with you for the rest of your life.

      Teeth whitening usually isn’t as permanent and you may need to be treated again in a couple of years. However, this will depend on how well you care for your teeth. If you avoid some of the more problematic foods, drinks and other agents such as cigarettes that cause staining you can be enjoying a whiter smile for many years to come.

    • What are the alternatives to a smile makeover?

      With a smile makeover involving so many different treatment types, rather than simply being a certain single method, there isn’t really an alternative to suggest. Any option to improve your smile would come under the smile makeover umbrella. So really, the only alternative to a smile makeover is to carry on with your teeth as they are, including any dental issues you might currently be experiencing.

      Rather than trying to find an alternative, we recommend that you get in touch with us to book an appointment where we can explore all of the options for a smile makeover, and find one that works best for you.

    • What are the risks involved in a smile makeover?

      Our expert team of cosmetic dentists are highly trained and have completed many thousands of cosmetic dental surgery treatments – so you’re in safe hands with us. Because of that, there are barely any risks involved in smile makeovers, as we are careful and adept when carrying out any of the treatment options.

      The only risks are where you have an undisclosed medical history that might cause problems – either an oral illness you’ve handled before or an allergy to the anaesthetic that we aren’t aware of. So please take the time to let us know of any potential issues in your medical history. They won’t usually rule you out of treatment, as we can work together to find a good solution.

    • What are the health benefits of a smile makeover?

      A smile makeover has numerous health benefits. The most obvious is the boost in confidence that your new smile will give you. This confidence actually has a knock-on effect on your mental and physical well-being. Studies have shown that improved self-image can make you more active and help you just feel happier.

      There are also dental hygiene benefits. If you correct crooked teeth or an overcrowded mouth then it will be easier to brush between teeth and get to the gums, helping to reduce bacteria build-ups and prevent decay.

    Your perfect smile at Parkfield Dental!

    We are excited to help you take your smile to the next level and achieve the look you have been dreaming of!

    Our experienced team has decades of experience stretching all the way back to Parkfield’s humble beginnings in 1978. While our reputation spans more than 30 years, we keep our practice and techniques sharp by using only the latest in dental treatment technology. We have everything you need to accomplish your cosmetic dental treatment goals.

    Parkfield Dental is located within walking distance of Didsbury Village and there is free on-street car parking located nearby. Our ground-floor surgeries are easy to access and we are currently welcoming new patients from all over the South Manchester area including Cheadle, Heaton Mersey and Northenden.

    Give us a call on 0161 445 2397 or request an appointment online to book your free smile makeover consultation with us!

    I finally have beautiful Teeth and I cant stop smiling.

    Charlie Coath

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