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Same Day Teeth, sometimes known as ‘all on four’ or ‘all on six’ treatment, is a revolutionary dental treatment designed to give the same results as traditional dental implants, in a much less time consuming and invasive procedure, while also allowing you to have a new set of teeth straight away, removing the need for temporary dentures.

At Parkfield Dental, we’re experienced in carrying out Same Day Teeth procedures, with long-lasting, effective results for our patients.

What is Same Day Teeth?

Same Day Teeth combines tooth bridges with traditional dental implants to create a treatment that allows you to leave the clinic on the day of your initial treatment with a new, natural-looking set of teeth. Traditional implant bridge work can take between three and six months from the removal of teeth to when the final bridge is fitted, meaning you may have to wear dentures or feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth for several months.

Same Day Teeth treatment allows us to fit a strong, temporary bridge between appointments, meaning you don’t have to worry about the appearance or comfort of your teeth in between appointments, and that you end the process with a permanent, perfectly fitting dental bridge that behaves the same way as your natural teeth.

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How Does It Work?

The treatment takes place over the course of 10 to 15 appointments over approximately four to eight months. This may seem like a lot of time, but it allows us to make sure your permanent implant fits perfectly and will last you for many, many years if taken care of properly.

Over the course of these appointments, you will have a consultation, then if any or all of your teeth need to be removed we will carry this out. After this, either four or six implants will be placed (which is where the ‘all on four’ and ‘all on six’ comes from!), which we attach a temporary dental bridge to, giving you a fresh, strong set of teeth as soon as you leave the clinic. Over time, the gums will shrink and change a little as they mould around the temporary bridge, allowing us to then create a new, permanent bridge which is perfectly moulded to your mouth after around three to six months. You’ll have multiple check ups after the permanent bridge is fitted, to make sure new teeth are functioning properly.

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Who is a Candidate for Same Day Teeth?

Same Day Teeth is a good option for patients whose other options are usually dentures or traditional implant treatments. Dentures can cause discomfort or insecurity as they move while talking and eating, and some patients may find their diet limited by dentures. Same Day Teeth treatment isn’t an option for everyone, so one of our highly experienced dentists will go through an initial consultation with you to make sure that Same Day Teeth treatment is right for you.

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The Benefits of Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth is a brilliant treatment for those who may otherwise need a partial or full set of dental implants. Same Day Teeth is far less invasive than traditional dental implants, as only four or six implants are required for each arch of the mouth.

The temporary bridge also allows you to get used to the look and feel of a dental bridge, and for your mouth and gums to grow and move around them, meaning that when we create your permanent dental bridge, it will fit your mouth perfectly. Dental implants also look and feel the same as natural teeth, and if you have natural teeth alongside them, can be taken care of in the same way.

If you’re interested in Same Day Teeth treatment in the South Manchester area, or want to find out more about Parkfield Dental’s treatment options and experienced staff, please contact our friendly and helpful team on 0161 327 0817, and see how we can help give you a set of teeth you can be confident about.

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