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Are you somebody who suffers from anxiety over visiting the dentist? A lot of people suffer from dental phobia, but the chances are that your visit won’t be nearly as painful or terrifying as you think it will be – otherwise no-one would go to the dentist!

The good news is that a lot of it is just in the mind, and that means you can do something about it! Here are our top tips for making your trips to the dentist a little less scary.

Take Something To Listen To

The Benefits Of A Healthy Smile mental health

Distractions can be a great way of diverting your attention while you’re undergoing treatment. If you’re nervous about sitting in the dentist’s chair, we recommend taking something to listen to. Putting some soothing music on, or perhaps your favourite album, can be great for getting you a little more relaxed. Another great option is to listen to an audiobook or podcast. You could listen to these in the waiting room as well as when you’re in the dental chair. The funnier the better!

Go With Someone

The Benefits Of A Healthy Smile keeping your teeth

Having someone with you on the day of your appointment can make a huge difference. Whether it’s a friend or family-member, the presence of someone you trust who you know is going to support you will help to put you at ease before your appointment. If possible, talk to your dentist and see if your support system can come in and sit with you during the procedure. You’ll find that the mere presence of somebody you trust is enough to put you at ease. One tip: make sure that the person you bring isn’t afraid of dentists as well!

Tell The Dentist

Probably the best thing you can do is to let your dentist know if you’re feeling worried, anxious or afraid about your appointment. It’s your dentist’s job to get their patients through things as comfortably and easily as possible, and they’ll appreciate being told about your fears beforehand.

This gives your dentist the opportunity to plan beforehand and get some things in place for you. This might include having signals you can make if you get uncomfortable and want to stop and take a break during the procedure, or having the right anaesthetic and numbing gels prepared beforehand. Believe us, your dentist wants to know if you’re feeling afraid or uncomfortable so they can do something about it!

All of the dentist at Parkfield Dental are fully trained and treat their patients with the utmost professionalism. They want nothing more than to send people away happy with their treatment, so if you need to book a dental appointment but you’re worried or nervous about visiting the dentist, contact our helpful and friendly team on 0161 445 2397.

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