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The staff at Parkfield Dental are delighted to announce the reopening of the practice. This time of great uncertainty has been difficult for many of us, and we’re more than happy to open our doors to our patients once again.

With governmental guidance changing drastically – and often – it has been difficult to know when we would be able to open the practice once more. Fortunately, with the announcement made last week that practices could begin opening their doors again from the 8th of June, we are delighted to be inviting patients back into the practice for the dental treatment they need.

Of course, for the protection of our patients, our staff, and all of our loved ones, it is vital that we remain careful and cautious in these still difficult times. As a result of this, patients should know and be assured that the team here at Parkfield is dedicated to maintaining proper social distancing measures and keeping everyone involved at Parkfield safe.

We will do what we can to help stop the spread of the virus while it continues to have a drastic impact on people’s livelihoods across the country. It is also worth remembering how fortunate we are that we are able to open at all. Of the 10,000+ dental practices across the country that were told they could open their doors on Monday the 8th of June, it’s estimated that only around a third did, largely due to a lack of PPE (personal protective equipment).

Fortunately, here at Parkfield we are well prepared to begin treating our patients once again, in a safe and distanced environment. We will be putting into place a number of measures to help cope with the covid-19 outbreak, including limiting the use of our waiting rooms, implementing social distaning in our waiting rooms, frequent staff screening, carefully maintaining hygiene and cleanliness throughout the practice.

Digital Dental Assessments

One of the biggest changes we are making to help deal with the impact of covid-19 is the introduction of digital dental assessments. We are implementing this new tool to help reduce the need for face to face appointments while still delivering out excellent dental service to as many patients as possible.

But what exactly is a digital dental assessment?

On our website, you will be able to access our brand new digital dental assessments page. Through here, you will be able to communicate with a dentist here at Parkfield about anything that is troubling or worrying you. You can send us information digitally, such as photographs and descriptions of your concern, and you will be prompted to answer a series of questions about your problem.

Our dentists will then use that information to give you the best possible advice and treatment plan – without you ever having to physically visit the Parkfield Dental practice.

This is a new way in which we can enable patients who don’t want to leave isolation to receive the dental advice they are seeking. We hope to keep the number of face to face appointments down to a minimum for everyone’s safety, and we believe that digital dental assessments are a fantastic way to achieve this.

We hope that people understand that digital dental assessments are to be used primarily as a pre-screen – not as an alternative to a regular dental appointment. It’s important to us that our patients know that if they need treatment, we are here to deliver. But digital dental assessments will help us to assess your problem and the need for treatment while remaining social distanced. With digital assessments, we’ll be able to prevent patients from having to travel to and from the practice.

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Covid-19 and looking to the future

It’s also important to bear in mind that the service may continue to change as the outbreak situation changes. Government guidance has changed drastically throughout the situation so far. While there is still a lot of uncertainty moving forward, Parkfield is committed to treating our patients as best we can, whenever we can.

We would like to thank our patients for their patience throughout this entire process. We hope to see you soon! If you would like to get in touch to find out more about the reopening of Parkfield Dental, please contact us today.

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