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Your smile is an amazing thing. It can help spark a new friendship or relationship, help solve an argument and even brighten a stranger’s day. When you smile, the world smiles back, so having a healthy one is one of the most important things you can have to make yourself look great.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a healthy smile and keeping on top of your general dental health.

Mental Health

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile, and people with good dental health are more likely to want to show it off. Studies show that the movement of facial muscles triggers the release of endorphins, making us feel happier. Even the appearance of a smile helps to boost endorphin levels, reducing stress levels.

Smiling also makes you more attractive to other people, including friends, potential partners and employers. When our brain processes someone smiling, it actually gives the recipient of the smile a boost too, meaning they start to subconsciously associate the smiling person with good feelings. People who smile more often are also more memorable, so whether you’re networking, speed dating or interviewing for your dream job, a healthy smile that you’re happy to show off can improve your happiness and opportunities.

The Benefits Of A Healthy Smile mental health

Boosts Immune System and General Health

Smiling also helps to boost your immune system. As well as endorphins, your body also releases serotonin when you smile, which is one of the body’s key chemicals used to boost the immune system, as well as helping with sleep, mood and anxiety. One study even found that subjects who were happier were less likely to catch a cold.

Smiling and laughing also temporarily increases your heart rate, leading to a decrease in blood pressure. In the long run, this leads to a decreased risk of assorted heart diseases.

Maintaining a high standard of dental health also benefits your general health. Research has shown that the bacteria that causes gum disease has been linked to higher occurrences of certain types of cancer, as well as strokes and dementia, due to longer term infections affecting the body’s inflammatory response.

Keeping Your Teeth

Keeping your original teeth for your life is easy when you keep on top of your dental health.

Tooth decay is the leading cause for tooth loss, and when you brush your teeth and visit your dentist regularly, you will find many common dental problems will not affect you. Studies have found the the number of teeth a person loses can be linked to life expectancy, and that people who still have a full set of teeth at the age of 74 are more likely to live to 100 years old than those who have lost teeth.

Gingivitis and gum disease, as well as tooth decay and the need for fillings are all almost completely avoidable with good maintenance of general dental health.

The Benefits Of A Healthy Smile keeping your teeth

Saving Money in the Long Run

More intensive dental procedures, such as fitting dentures, bridges, crowns or root canal treatments can be uncomfortable, take a long time and can be very expensive.

By taking care of your teeth regularly, you significantly decrease your chances of needing more strenuous dental work, saving you time and money.

All these reasons and more are great motivators to improve your dental health, so you can reap the benefits of having a healthy smile.

Offering general and cosmetic dental services, orthodontics and hygiene services, at Parkfield Dental, our friendly and experienced team have everything you need to get the perfect, healthy smile. To find out how Parkfield Dental can help you, contact us on 0161 327 0817, or email us at info@parkfield-dental.co.uk.

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