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Do you want to give your smile a fast, safe and effective brightness boost? Then tooth whitening may be what you are looking for.

Why Tooth Whitening Is Popular

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available here at Parkfield Dental Practice. Tooth whitening can take as little as two weeks to complete, meaning it’s the perfect way to boost your smile and confidence, before a special occasion, perhaps a wedding or a big family event. The treatment is carried out at home, overnight or during the day, so you won’t need lots of lengthy dental appointments- although you will need to visit the practice a few times so we can check on your progress and give you the best treatment available.

The single most important thing to remember if you’re looking to whiten your teeth is to only do so with the help of a qualified dentist. Tooth whitening kits available online can be dangerous, and may damage your teeth leading to pain, discomfort and serious dental health complications.

The Process

Firstly, you will see the dentist to ensure that you are suitable to undertake tooth whitening. The dentist will take an impression of your teeth, so we can create bespoke tooth whitening trays to fit your teeth perfectly, the trays will then take about two weeks to make. At your second appointment when the trays are ready, we will demonstrate how to use them and the whitening gel that comes with them. The dentist will then decided which system is best suited for you; the day which is worn for 1 hour per day or the night which you sleep in overnight. You then take the gel and trays home to wear overnight or during the day for 14 consecutive days. At your third and final appointment, your dentist will assess your results with you and if needed, will give you some extra gel to reach your desired results.

Please contact the practice today to speak with any of our friendly and professional team, who will be more than happy to advise and discuss any queries you have on 0161 445 2397.

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